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Hickory Nut Farm is offering delivery service to customers within an hour drive of our farm and as always, we will also ship to any location in the continental US. Please call us (603) 659-6885 or send an email to info@hickorynutfarm.com for more information.

Life changes can be dramatic, exciting and fulfilling. One day, we are husband and wife architects and now we are goat farmers. Our existence is uncomplicated, busy, fun, and peaceful. Every day we discover a new appreciation for our blessings. The produce of the earth, wonderfully interesting and entertaining, yields animals with all kinds of color and temperament. The changing seasons with varieties of weather make the life of a farmer never boring, always stimulating,and frequently rewarding for our way of life.

The hand crafting of our goat milk cheese, soap, yo-goat -gurt and candy is one of careful and continual exploring of ingredient combinations and methods of mixing, curing, and aging of our products. All our products are made in small batches with careful attention to texture, aroma, consistency and superb taste or smooth suds. Along the way there is hope, confidence, expectation, laughter, shrugs and disappointment. And there is always tomorrow ...


Our goat milk cheeses are made from the ground up, literally. The hay and grains that feed our goats are selected and blended according to our standards and experience. Water for our animals is clear and cool. Our Ladies are treated with love and respect, and they reward us with the product of their bodies. As a consequence of good treatment and careful feeding, their milk has excellent nutritional value, producing varied textures and subtle flavor profiles; just what the meaning of the word artisanal is all about.

After careful blending of the milk, cultures, and vegetable rennet the cheese is pressed into rounds and then they are carried to hibernated underground in our cheese cave for at least two months. This underground environment provides a steady temperature and humidity for the natural aging process with minimal damages to God's earth. We utilize God's resource of the ground to cultivate a cheese rich in taste. Each batch of cheese is documented for weather, temperature, changes of ingredients, methods, and the mood of the barn. All of these qualities are what make the character of Hickory Nut Farm cheese unique and special.

The idea for a new recipe of cheese will not be revealed as successful for at least two months - the time from culturing to sufficient maturity. Cutting open a wheel of cheese to see what we have provides a new culinary experience to excite the senses.


Our soaps are made the farmstead way by hand, with love from all natural ingredients - our Ladies milk, coconut, palm, canola and olive oils. Scents may be added to further your special needs in the soap. Interesting shapes and scented soaps reflect the seasons, holidays, special occasions,or simply because we find them to be just plain fun. We offer special custom orders for your arty favors, wedding favors or family preferences. Please allow two months for your custom orders as we cure soaps for at least a month. No soap leaves Hickory Nut Farm until the prefect blend is selected for you.